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Tradi Fresh

Tradi Fresh

TRADIFRESH was established in September 2019 in Antigonos, Florina Region, and is now based in Amyntaio.

The engagement of Ioannis Tsakiridis in the cultivation of the family field crops from an early age, marked the start of TRADIFRESH. His rich experience, along with his studies in Business Administration, enabled him to combine his knowledge and experience and commence his business in the secondary sector.

Together with the need to exploit the arable land, the idea of starting a business working with this special local product was born just two years ago, based on the idea of promoting the value of Florina pepper.

So, after decades in obscurity, Florina pepper is finally acknowledged by consumers, both in Greece and abroad, as a product of unique taste and aroma, but also necessary in a balanced and healthy diet. TRADIFRESH is engaged in the food industry and specializes in the packaging, processing and trading; mainly using Florina pepper to create various flavors and compositions.


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