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About Us

Who we are

ManaGi is the first Outsourced-Exports Department for companies of Greek F&B and Natural Cosmetics industry.


ManaGi's vision is to bridge the gap between Greek F&B Products and the Global markets. To achieve this, ManaGi has created two sophisticated service portfolios that include End-to-End Services. The first one focuses on producers. It intends to prepare and train them on how to improve their products or packaging in order to facilitate promotion, sales and eventually exports. On the other hand, ManaGi has thoroughly designed the second portfolio which is more than attractive to international Buyers. It offers them a One-Stop-Solution and the opportunity to effortlessly facilitate the procurement process.

ManaGi Team​

Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals and grows over time. ManaGi provides equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or intellectual disabilities or belonging to other minority groups.


“Get effortlessly your Greek F&B supplies”

(Just register at and get your quotation in 1-2 business days)

Quotation includes:

  • Shipping Costs

    • (estimation according to the selected incoterms)

  • Consolidation Services

    • (also for products not included in our product catalog - billing consolidation for multiple suppliers)

  • Customs Clearance Cost

    • (only one customs clearance irregardless of the number of suppliers)

  • Products Cost

  • Lead Time

    • (according to stock availability or order preparation time needed)

  • Flexible Payment Terms (CAD, LC etc)

  • Logistics specifications

  • Export Certification requirements

  • Labelling Costs

    • (modification/translation or sticker creation)

Producers from Greece

“Get your Outsourced exports department”

Export your products and your profitability with minimum risk through our  fast processes and efficient value driven operations

You get:

  • Individual space at for your business 

  • Products registration at

  • e-shop for your products at 

  • Promotion on ManaGi’s Social Media 

  • Promotion on ManaGi’s Newsletters

  • Registration at ManaGi’s Wholesale Product Catalog

  • Participation in B2B events and Conferences

  • Participation in F&B Expos

  • Export Consulting Services

  • Digital Services and Consulting

  • Greek F&B Roadshows


“Shop the best Greece has to offer”

Shop online and discover more than 1500+ Unique Greek Products. Order from all over the world with custom shipping through DHL and get your order risk free. 

Add your favorite Greek products into your basket and ManaGi will collect them from the producers and send them to you, anywhere in the world!

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