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Seven Senses

Seven Senses

SevenSenses Organic, aims to provide organic tea and herbs to foreign markets and connect people with the healing powers of ancient Greek medicinal herbs. We aim to bring the aromas, the flavors and the benefits of the Greek herbs to your cup and table, exactly as we find them in their natural environment.

We love to present our company as a multidimensional project with a clear vision, which aims to provide healthy, nutritious, sustainable, organic food, with respect to nature and to the new Generation of Greek farmers who is more innovative and closer to Agro ecology, Climate Change, Zero Waste Policies and to our Organic philosophy.

We face our herbs as Culture and Culture includes nature, ethics, and arts. Thus, packaging is an extreme important element in our philosophy. We captured the wild collection of Greek herbs into a chic line of sophisticated, timeless design, inspired by the natural colors of the herbs and the golden Greek sun. Based on the inspiration of our Greek artisan tea makers, we created the most memorable herbal blends and treasured them in the most creative, eye-catching packaging design. Through arts we celebrate and honor our intrinsic connection to nature!

We are actively seeking aromatic and medicinal herbs, according to the concept of a synthesis of overall harmony in the Hippocratic tradition: harmony with nature, mind, body and spirit. All fine premium quality products that will fill your cup – from day to night - with vitality relaxation and enjoyment!