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Lymperis Estate

Lymperis Estate

Coming from a family with strong ties to olive oil and its trade, lymperis estate was founded in order to cover the whole procedure: from cultivating our olive trees to extraction with
modern, ecofriendly procedures and bottling this top quality product, here in our birthplace, the homeland of muses. Being the fourth generation, we decided to continue cultivating
the family olive trees and upgrade the past family resources by using the most modern olive mill equipment, aiming at extracting olive oil in its best form.
Our goal is to preserve all the natural elements of the olive and produce an olive oil rich in polyphenols and nutrients. Therefore, we have chosen to plant more than 4000 new
olive trees the last 3 years along with the cultivation of our existing olive groves, all with the most natural methods. Our state of art olive press and facilities (1300 square meters)
enables us to pursue this mission.
ASKRA Olive Oil is a fast developing Greek exporting company engaged in the production, bottling and trade of Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced
from selected handpicked olive groves from the region of Viotia with only pure pressure and no chemical means used to extract their finest juices
Our company is a vertically integrated company that includes everything from the olive tree to the bottle of olive oil.
We, as a family business, owns around 5000 olive trees that help us to create this high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, by having full control of the product.
Lymperis estate also includes the olive mill and a completely automatic bottling company.
Our olive mill is of high end quality, manufactured by Pieralisi and it was just installed. It is actually one of the three that there are in Greece.
The olive oil that is produced by our olive mill, is immediately stored in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen that ensures that all the quality characteristics
of the olive oil remain the same.


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