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Starting as a small family business, from the province of Kalamata in the Peloponnese and doing what
we love for over 40 years, we gained valuable experience in the collection, production and trading
of extra virgin olive oil. With lots of work, passion and innovation, we created GO.SLOW. Our aim is to
introduce a slower, more balanced way of living.

Knowing the benefits of a healthy diet, we propose a slower and more balanced way of life, that resists
the speed and rush of our daily lives. Hence, our values link directly to those of the Slow Food
International and the Slow-Living Movement.

The tortoise is a prominent symbol of longevity. With its wisdom, patience and perseverance, via
Aesop’s fable, manages to resist and win the battle against the speed and rush that overwhelms our
daily lives.
Inspired by this victory, we created GO.SLOW. with natural pesticide-free products that maintain all their
nutrients and excellent taste!

Extra virgin olive oil, Koroneiki variety from Messinia, with ultra-low acidity, which indicates the
excellent health of the fruit, the conditions of collection, production and storage.
We collect the olives at an early stage, achieving more intense aroma and taste. During the olive oil
extraction process, the temperature does not exceed 27°C and thus, the olive oil retains all its
organoleptic and nutritional ingredients.
We filter and store the olive oil in stainless steel tanks with inert gas so as not to be oxidized. This
ensures its high quality, a full-bodied aromatic pallet and its therapeutic polyphenols.
Also, we cultivate the olive groves in an organic way so our extra virgin olive oil is free of pesticides, with
a strong aroma and unrivalled taste!


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