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1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs

1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs

The “1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs” company is involved in the field of cultivating and trading aromatic plants and aims to showcase the exceptional quality of the aromatic plants of the Hellenic land.

Our effort has taken place in the Hellenic mainland, on the mountain of Grammos and more specifically in the village of Kotili, in the Prefecture of Kastoria. The village is situated in an altitude of 1.450 metres above sea level, where we cultivate mountain tea (Sideritis) with great respect to nature. The land in which we cultivate our tea is surrounded by forests with a variety of trees such as spruce, pine trees, beech trees, cedar and by a number of natural springs, in an altitude varying from 1.300 to 1.520 metres above sea level.

The reason why the “1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs” company was created in the first place, was the attempt to redefine the origins of mountain tea and to cultivate it where it originally comes from, “the mountain”. That explains why our company was named after the region’s altitude.

Keeping in mind our childhood memories on the mountain, under the hot summer sun trying to find those valuable herbs and taking into account the wise words of our grandparents for the importance and the features of these self-sustained wild herbs, we are trying to bring back the purity and the amazing aromas of the Hellenic land and enclose them in the products we offer.

Our goal is exceptional quality, by cultivating in the same place and altitude where the conditions and the microclimate of the region are optimal for plant growth. This results in maintaining their valuable natural sensory features.

Our vision is to showcase more self-sustained, exceptional, wild, aromatic herbs of the Hellenic land, besides mountain tea, either through our very own farming, or in cooperation with other small farms which use strictly traditional cultivation methods, following the exact procedure according to which the plants are reproduced and grow in their natural environment.


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