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Cosmetics Face 0.46kg ManaGi

We Ship Globally

Free Shipping In Greece




We have created unique product collections for you. In this ManaGi Box you will find:

Give your facial skin the care and
moisturization it deserves, |the best ingredients in the blessed Greek
land. Our Facial Care Cosmetics collection for your skin offers you the best
introduction to the beautiful world of Greek Facial skincare high-quality
cosmetics. This selection is Ideal for gifts and the perfect introduction to
natural Facial cosmetics, designed to offer the best care for your skin. Always
in eco-friendly packaging. Free shipping in Greece. In this ManaGi Box you will

● Face Cleanser & Makeup Remover Timalfes 75ml Airless
● Seamuse Facial Soap |Activated Charcoal 35g Paper Box
● Nourishing Moments - Soap Honey & Thyme Natural Handmade Olive Oil 120g Paper Box
● Here Comes The Sun 25 SPF Zest Natural Cosmetics 75ml Pet Bottle
● Aloe Vera Remedy Mask Zest Natural Cosmetics 40ml Pet Bottle

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