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Unique Products+ 4.189kg ManaGi

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We have created unique product collections for you. In this ManaGi Box you will find:

High-quality Greek products collection
of our producers in eco-friendly packaging. Ideal for gifts and the perfect
introduction to natural high-quality Greek food & beverages. In this ManaGi Box you will find:

● Organic Dressing Goji berry-Mountain Tea -Anise Goji Spirit 250ml Glass Bottle
● Apple Chutney Mamellada 230g Glass Jar
● Red Wine Fettuccine Nests Melima Products 250g Carton Box
● Olon Red Apple Chips Genuine Tastes 40g Doypack
● Bio 100% Chokeberry Juice Filevia 250ml Glass Bottle
● Handmade Organic Jam Aronia Pella Berries 270g Glass Jar
● Oxymeli Passion Honey 250ml Glass Bottle
● Aroinos Red Filevia 750ml Glass Bottle

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