12 Stremmata

12stremmata is an organic farm of aromatic plants and herbs. It was created in 2014 with a lot of love and ‘meraki’ by Katerina and Vasilis and hosts a variety of aromatic plants, as well as the family bee swarm, with a tradition in beekeeping for over 25 years. 12stremmata, using an ancien...


The Production of our products began in 2016, based on our love for proper diet. Based on the high quality of the ingredients /raw materials, we created two product lines, TeaBox (premium tea with herbs, spices and fruits) and JuiceBox (natural juices from fine fruits and superfoods). We re...

A-Mfo-Ra I-Cons

We created the A-Mfo-Ra I-Cons Mountain, a rare extra-virgin olive oil with a specific character from Mount Othrys, the mountain of Titans. Every single drop is produced with persistence and care. It is a result of hard work and of green harvesting of the fresh olive juice, filled with conc...

Agria Gea

Agria Gea is a Place… is a Family… is an Idea! Our “Gea”(land) is located in the southernmost part of mainland Greece, in Laconia. In the fertile Evrotas valley, orange, mandarins and lemon trees flood the senses with vivid colors and smell, while in the plain of ancient Asopos, olive grove...

Agricultural Cooperative of Kritsa

The Agricultural Cooperative of Kritsa was established in 1927. Its olive oil factory opened in 1937. Today, the coop has over 892 members who are particularly experienced in and concerned with the quality of their produce and product. The olive groves of Kritsa are some the oldest in Crete...

Alabasinis Family

The rich flora of Greece and the nomadic beekeeping we follow are a guarantee for the quality and taste of our products. We offer them pure, unprocessed and of course respecting the bee society and nature. Try them and share them with your own people. From our family with love....

Antonopoulos Estate

2016年开始我们在自有的Antonopoulos Estate进行橄榄种植,旨在通过种植Koroneiki,Nemutiana,Botsikoelia和Kollireiki等当地品种来生产特级初榨橄榄油。 我们的目的是建立可供参观的橄榄园以及设计橄榄油加工和产品包装设施。 我们的理念是完全用上述品种生产出高品质的橄榄油,同时彰显伊利亚(Ilia)在该领域的巨大潜力。



Apokoronian Origins

通过“阿波克罗娜斯原产地( Apokoronian origins)”,我们为您提供一篮子精心挑选的农产品,这些农产品都是严格在克里特岛( Crete )哈尼亚( Chania )的阿波克罗娜斯( Apokoronas )保护区内生产的。特级初榨橄榄油、天然蜂蜜、天然有机草本和传统工艺酿造的调味醋。当想到克里特岛( Crere )时,阿波克罗娜斯( Apokoronas )会带给我们心心相念的一切。漂亮的风景图片,优美的音乐,有趣的风俗,迷人的香氛,然而更主要的当属食物的味道。这些味道就是“阿波克罗娜斯原产地( Apokoronian origins)”味道。在这里,传统是一种生活态度。骄傲和...


Aulida or Aulis in ancient Greek is a small city located in Euboea which according to the myth was the place to which Agamemnon's fleet set sail for Troy. ‘Favourable wind’ blew for a second time and created the “Aulis” company. Aulis is a family owned company in the production and standard...

Bio Koziakas

Mount Koziakas (Kerketion Mount) is known for the suberb quality of the tea growing there. Here we cultivate and collect this unique kind of sideritis in the world in an altitude of 950m, and we offer it to you to enjoy as a cold beverage. It's about an organic type of farming, completely f...

Brintzikis Estate

Ktima Brintziki是希腊第一个绿色葡萄酒厂,坐落于古奥林匹亚地区一个叫做Lantzoi (Peloponnese半岛西部)的小村附近,这里曾是奥林匹克运动会的发源地,也是古希腊最神圣的地区之一。Brintziki家族在1994年创建了这个葡萄酒厂。 这个家族的理想就是创造一款具有特殊区域特点的味道独特的葡萄酒。这里的粘土特性,加之当地河流和希腊适宜的湿度共同作用,形成了非常理想的微气候。产自古奥林匹亚地区的原生葡萄品种包括Roditis, Tinaktorogos, Malagouzia, Fileri, Assyrtiko(白色品种)和Augoustiatis, Agiorgit...
CHRISI MILIA profile .jpg

Chrisi Milia

On the outskirts of Larisa, in Aetolofos, Delis family has been dedicated for generations to the cultivation of apple trees, a perennial tradition in the wider area of Agia. Chrisi Milia is an agricultural family business that was initially established in the 50’s and in the recent years it...

Eleofarm PC

ELEOFARM P.C. has recently commenced its official involvement in the sales and export market. Our main goal is to offer our clients and future partners an authentic and unique olive oil flavor, a pure Cretan and Greek taste. We want to familiarize people worldwide with a genuine, distinctiv...

Elixir Flavours

我们对大自然以及祖国土地慷慨馈赠的产品充满了热爱,并且通过我们的努力,我们的热情和我们的经验,创造出了ELIXIR FLAVOURS 系列产品。这是值得广泛认可的产品。通过多年对土地的优化处理,利用生产者的经验,根据消费者的需求我们成功创造出了这一产品。我们相信它一定会满足您的最高期许。




Energaea公司是家族经营的一家橄榄油生产公司,坐落于希腊雅典的郊区。 自2011年以来,我们一直秉承生产不同品种的优质特级初榨橄榄油,并屡获殊荣,分销也已遍及世界各地。 我们的愿景就是保证我们的客户能够在日常生活中享受到最优质和独特品质的希腊特级初榨橄榄油。




我们是成立于2012年的一家家族企业。蜜蜂给了我们灵感的源泉,让我们创造出了Eklekton纯蜂蜜。 让蜜蜂用自己的方式去酿造蜂蜜,而我们主要关心的就是为消费者提供顶级品质的蜂蜜。我们的蜂蜜完全用天然方式生产,没有进一步的加工或添加过程,就是蜜蜂自己酿蜜出的纯蜂蜜。 为了确保质量上乘,每批蜂蜜都附有经过认证的实验室的化学分析结果,并用ISO 22000认证的包装材料进行包装。



Evas Walk

Eva's Walk PC公司位于克里特岛的赫拉克利翁。专注于高品质产品的生产,标准化和分销。本公司有各种系列产品,如草药,橄榄油,橄榄制品,蜂蜜,希腊咖啡,香料混合料,手工皂等。本公司与一家希腊生产商合作,由厂商代替公司生产产品 ,而公司给予必要的支持和指导,进行环保的生物生产,不添加任何化学成分。本公司具备EUROCERT和BIOHELLAS提供的ISO 22000:2005质量认证。




Feréikos is based in Ancient Corinth, Greece and was founded in 2007 by sisters Maria and Penny Vlachou. We dedicated years of studies and followed an international career, before coming back to our country and investing our hearts and souls in Feréikos. Being both primarily philologists and residin...
Filevia Logo.jpg


The beginning of the creation of our family business, Filevia, was our wandering in unique traditional liqueur flavors, made by housekeepers in the wider region of Evia, from fresh fruit and fragrant plants, bringing childhood memories to our mind. Our searching and our imagination gave us ...

Finikas Lemonade

Inspired by our trip to Syria and Lebanon, we created the Finikas Lemonade. In these places, we had the chance to taste, for the first time, the traditional Middle Eastern spearmint lemonade. Fascinated and inspired by the oriental aromas, we took back with us all of our taste experiences a...
Genuine Tastes.jpg

Genuine Tastes

Genuine Tastes is a company of organic drying, packaging and standardization of fruit and vegetables in Kiato, Corinth. It is a purely family – based business using only Greek raw materials. The company exists since 2013 and since then has promoted very special products such as apple chips ...

Glykos Lotos

There are not many lotus (persimmon) crops in Greece. Sweet Lotus comprises one of the few productions in our country. We try to test the quality of the products and the process at all the stages, offering you unique local products for your daily nutrition. Trust top quality Greek ...
GOJI SPIRIT LOGO-image jpg.jpg

Goji Spirit

Happiness is Tasty!GOJI SPIRIT is a family business, located in Vrachati, Corinth, Greece. Family’s medical preoccupation and mentality led to deep appreciation of the superfood Goji Berry and its benefits for human Health.The ‘’Berry of Happiness’’ or ‘’Berry of Longevity’’ is one of nature’s bigge...
GoldGrelia Logo.jpg

Gold Grelia

Welcome to Gold Grelia, a new, revolutionary company to the world of the highly acclaimed Cretan Diet, to the traditional products the blessed land of Crete produces! At grelia, we use cutting-edge technology, our extensive know-how and expert collaborators throughout Crete. With nothing bu...

Greek Pony Farm

家庭/公司 «希腊小马驹农场»位于真正的希腊农业«天堂»的中心——麦西尼亚州(伯罗奔尼撒半岛)的基帕里夏。这个农场属于尼古拉科普卢家族。从古至今,这个天佑之地享有希腊土地慷慨以赠的独特水果。我们的农场以«希腊小马驹农场»命名,有一个非常重要的原因:我们的土地和橄榄园里生活着一个象征性的群体——不安分的小马驹! 鹿、马和牛生活在农场里,并参与到这个小型生态系统中。小马除了是农场中最大的动物群体外,还以一种原始、自然、具有创造性的或者说全世界都独一无二的方式影响着农场,在农场的顺利运作和种植树木方面发挥了非常重要和决定性的作用。 我们四代家庭的传统遍布橄榄园和农场的各个角落。对每个细节的个人护理始...
Ha - Logo.png

Ha – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ha – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a family company in the sector of Olive Oil. It is based in the town of Ierapetra, which is situated on the South East coast of Crete. The company welcomes all who wish to savour, together with their children, a pure, tasty Cretan, certified extra virgin olive oil. ...

Iliaki Melissokomia

它起源于1936年,当时塞巴斯蒂安·尼古拉斯·斯特凡诺普洛斯后来成为卡斯托里亚城的大主教,当时他还是马鲁西蜜蜂学校的一名学生,用自己的一些积蓄购买一些篮子和几个兰斯特罗思蜂箱。 1946年交由塞巴斯蒂安的弟弟乔治·斯特凡诺普洛斯运营。创始人的侄子阿纳斯塔西奥斯·斯特凡诺普洛斯一直秉承相同的价值观,1970年接手经营,通过他的爱,奉献和努力,将其转变成一家现代企业。时至今日,它仍在吸收来自全国各地的人才。 如今,火炬传递给第三代传承人约翰·斯特凡诺普洛斯和乔治·斯特凡诺普洛斯的手中,前者毕业于雅典农业学院,后者毕业于雅典历史和考古学院。如今家族企业的名字为“Iliaki Melissokomia...

Inoni Greek Organic Herbs

Inoni是希腊神话里美丽的山神,她得到了阿婆罗神赠予的一份独特礼物,一种可以帮助受伤的人的伤口愈合的神奇草药。在特洛伊战争中,Inoni拒绝给特洛伊王子帕里斯治疗,因为他离开她去找了女神海伦,结果王子不治而死。 我们Inoni希腊有机香草团队的全体人员亲自种植,用我们的爱,热情和专注为您的餐桌提供来自希腊的纯天然的香料和独特味道。我们的香草集纯正、优质和治疗作用于一身,完全保留其在自然环境中被采集时的全部特性。 我们精心挑选距Thessaloniki市30公里的 Monopigado作为理想的种植地,这里海拔高度适宜,同时具有优良的微气候,土壤分析和勘测都表明这里具有适合香料植物种植需要的特...


奥莱尼(Oleni)曾经是拜占庭( Byzantine )帝国城市名称,建于公元600年左右。在公元1100年左右成为该地区重要的文化和经济中心。如今的奥莱尼(Oleni)是坐落在高298米的山坡上的一个小村庄,在距离古奥林匹亚东北20公里处的伊利亚州( Prefecture of Ilia )伯罗奔尼撒(Peloponnese)半岛的西部。独特的景观结构及其地理位置一直有着重要的历史地位,而且是历史的关键元素,直到今天这里仍保持着原来的样子。西奥多罗普洛斯家族( Theodoropoulos family )在二十世纪八十年代初期在这里诞生了,也被称为“ Bonobolia”。我们充分利用这...

Kakkavos Estate

Kakkavos estate is located in the area of 'Mesokabos' in Messolongi ,in a distance of about five kilometers from the city (of Messolongi). Its name comes from the middle age word ‘’Kakkavos’’ of our language-other type of kakkavi-as our byzantine ancestors called the partridge, the beautifu...


Kallistefi Olive Gems® was created through our passion for excellent healthy food products. The history of Greece in the cultivation of olives dates back many millennia. The culture of an entire people is inextricably bonded to their “sacred tree”. These inspired us. After all, we walk on the same s...




Lezi logo managi-01.jpg

Lezi Olive Oil

Near ancient Messini, a journey from the soil to the soul begins. At the foot of Ithomi Mountain, on step away from Ancient Messini, there is one small picturesque village called Lezi, also known nowadays as Lambena. It is very easy to be enchanted by its stone architecture, its spectacular...

Maleas Foods since 1923

'MALEAS FOODS since 1923' mission is to produce, package, standardize and promote natural products with emphasis on the therapeutic power of plants, Greek cuisine and gastronomy, and a love of nature. Every day, our goal is to learn as much as possible about the traditional bounties of the ...


In Mamellada we love delicious food! Delicious food made in Mam (Mother) – Ellada (Greece)We like our food simple, good and delicious so we make our products that way too.Unique recipes prepared in small batches with great ingredients and absolutely no cutting corners.Recently we added a ne...
marika Botanicals logo

Marika Botanicals

Marika Botanicals公司由化学家Marika Katseli于2012年创立。她拥有一个小型实验室,她和团队成员就在这个实验室里制作天然手工皂和化妆品。结合他们对自然的热爱以及他们对当代和古代植物学知识的了解以及生活在拥有无数植物物种的地区,他们创造出了自己的个人护理天然产品系列。该实验室通过了国家药品组织的认证,其产品都是按照良好生产规范(GMP)制造。...

Melima Products

Opening your arms, filling your hug with care, and serving it to beloved ones in each and every delicious bite; that’s what MELIMA is all about. Since June 2016 the young MELIMA family overtook the workshop, the long experience and the endless recipes of 'Ta Mylelia Old Water Mill' company....


Monopati is a company of 168 olive oil producers with 5,200,000 square meters and 93,000 olive trees of the Koroneiki variety growing in semi-mountainous and mountainous olive groves, situated on the sunny slopes surrounded by pine trees, arbutus, lentisk bushes and myrtle bushes in the region of Ge...

Mouro Superfoods

A few miles away from Thessaloniki, in the heart of northern Greece, aronia berries are grown in accordance to all the specifications and with the certifications of organic agriculture. Specially selected aronia plants, Aronia Melanocarpa, the Viking variation are farmed in our fields with much care...


Established in 2010, Multi foods has been serving the Greek market with premium products reflecting generations of tradition and quality. With over 25 years of experience, founder Thomas Tsioutsias aimed to source the highest quality ingredients from across the country – from the land onto ...

Mylonas Distillery




Myrovolos Organics

Our love for Chios island, our desire to protect nature and plants and the need to create employment opportunities drove us to establish “Myrovolos Organics” in 2015. Argie Koutsouradis's vision began in 2010 when she was admitted to the Democritus University of Thrace in the School of Agri...
Oleosophia Logo.png


OLEOSOPHIA is a family brand and the result of a love story between two young people. As a family, we cultivate the Manaki variety across an olive grove of 4000 trees in our village Kalentzi, Corinth, approximately 100km from Athens. The Manaki variety is characteristic of the area of Corin...


OLITHEA is a very small Greek family business that is involved in the production and packaging of organic extra virgin live oil. The olive groves of the company of a total area of 130 acres, are located in the village of Agios Mattheos, Corfu, and the cultivated variety is LIANOLIA, a traditional va...

Olympic Terra

Welcome to the wonderful world of Olympic Terra Superfoods! Α family-owned company, born in Greece of the crisis, believing in entrepreneurship and restart abandoned primary agricultural sector. Our goal is to create premium products with Healthy features that challenge all five se...

Passion Honey

Passion honey is a Greek family business that loves nature and quality of life. Thanks to the advantageous location of our beekeping apiary, the mountainous area of Cholomontas in Chalkidiki, where 212,480 acres are protected and designated as a Special Protection Zone according to the NATU...
Pella Berries_Logo

Pella Berries

Pella Berries是一家小型家族企业,自2013年起开始从事花楸果(野樱莓)的有机种植。我们的目标是创造健康、高品质的有机产品。 我们将花楸果加工成橘子酱,蜜饯和果汁,这些均获得了TUV Austria Hellas认证。 我们的产品都是纯手工制作,采用的是希腊传统的制作方式。



Pinoume Ellada

由Kostantino Bassi先生领导的著名调酒师团队,于2013年创建了“Pinoume Ellada”,这是一个致力于推广来自希腊各个角落的各种口味,原料和饮料的项目。这个项目一年比一年壮大,并通过展览和活动得到广泛认可,赢得了生产者以及餐饮业的尊重,以致于他们想在他们的鸡尾酒名单中添加某种希腊元素,就这样以这种方式创造了调酒中的新“潮流”。六年后,“Pinoume Ellada”团队开启了寻找顶级希腊产品的体验之旅。通过加入对传统口味的热爱以及草药活性炭的有益品质,“Evenos”品牌得以创立,即第一个希腊 “黑色”有机“柠檬水”。 ); $(document).ready(function(){ $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); });