In 2001 we got our first hive.

Our curiosity about the wonderful world of bees was the beginning of our involvement in beekeeping.

Through observation we realized how important the presence of the bee is.

Where bees were present, trees produced more flowers and the fruits increased. Later we learned to hear their hum during the spring.

Finally, it was time to taste what we had seen and heard.

Their honey! Our honey!

The bee managed to satisfy all our senses. Since then we have bowed our heads above their hives and worked with respect for what they offer us.

The various flowers that are found in our region help us provide food for the bees from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn.

In the plains on the north of the prefecture, large areas of acacia and spring wildflowers give the first honey of the year while bees store large quantities of pollen for their own needs. Later, in the mountainous areas on the west of the prefecture oaks give their dark honeydew.

The main production of honey is made from huge areas with sunflowers, honey rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) and buttery texture. The flora of the area also includes willows, paliurus, vetch, thistle, bramble and others, which are complementary beekeeping plants. At the foot of the Rhodope Mountains, in autumn we collect honey from the pine forest and aromatic herbs of the mountain.

An important factor for the harvest of any kind of blossom are the prevailing  weather conditions in the area that make the honey harvest of each year unique.

Honey is extracted from the hives after it has matured and calmed in stainless steel tanks in our facilities.

Without any kind of treatment it is stored in containers at the appropriate temperature. After the necessary controls and analyses (HMF, diastase, humidity, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) it is bottled by TROFI company in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki on our behalf.

Our goal is to ensure the quality of our honey at every stage of its production, complying with all the regulations and provisions regarding its proper production and distribution.

Flower Honey

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Flower Honey

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