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  • Vrosis

    < Back Vrosis We are a food lab located in Alexandroupolis who always strove for exceptional tastes and qualitative food. As the years went by, the outstanding and unique flavors of the Greek products stimulated our interests. It was through this process that the idea of globally recognizing and effectively utilizing the Greek goods was conceived. We wanted to initiate and highlight our own flavors through testing different products which was the spark that led to the establishment of “VROSIS”, our personal food lab. We were guided by the remarkable flavor of “tahini”, which is a unique raw material that we want to integrate in our everyday diet and routine. Tahini has been characterized as Superfood due to its high content in proteins, complex B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Along with legumes and nuts, it can effectively replace animal protein. It is considered to be an ideal food for groups of people with a need for increased protein intake, such as children, athletes and the elderly. It is beneficial, as it can assist in bone health, proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system while boosting our immune system, providing us with spiritual well-being, eliminating fatigue, keeping hair and nails in good condition, reinforcing immune absorption, contributing to a healthy heart and more. Certifications Products Tahini Spread Couverture Chocolate Vrosis 220g View Tahini Spread Cranberry Vrosis 220g View Tahini Spread Goji Berry & Orange Flavoring Vrosis 220g View Tahini Spread White Chocolate Vrosis 220g View

  • Goji Spirit

    < Back Goji Spirit Happiness is Tasty! GOJI SPIRIT is a family business, located in Vrachati, Corinth, Greece. Family’s medical preoccupation and mentality led to deep appreciation of the superfood Goji Berry and its benefits for human Health. The ‘’Berry of Happiness’’ or ‘’Berry of Longevity’’ is one of nature’s biggest wonders, due to the plethora of Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals and Proteins. The passion and knowledge for a healthy nutrition has led to the production of the 1st Complete, Innovative Series of Organic Goji Berry Products! For the first time, the properties of this special superfood are found in many gourmet flavors and tasty combinations, such us: Gourmet Chutneys, Unique Sauces, Pickled Goji, Natural Juices, Dressing, Fruit Spreads (no-sugar jams) and top-quality Fresh and dried Goji. • All the products are certified by TUV Austria, have no added sugar, preservatives and additives; suggested for Vegetarian, Vegan, Diabetic, Gluten-free, detoxifying and athletic lifestyle. The superfoods come from GOJI SPIRIT’s smart-farming organic cultivations, laid at the Mediterranean environment of Corinthian county. • GOJI SPIRIT is awarded with 3 Golden Awards at Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020 in Quality, Organic and Innovation and 5 Taste Awards at OLYMP Taste Awards 2020. • GOJI SPIRIT has participated in international trade fairs: Biofach-Nuremberg, Green Week-Berlin, Food & Life-Munich, Winter Funcy Food Show-San Francisco, FOODEXPO-Athens. Certifications Products Organic Chutney Goji berry-Apple- Curcuma Goji Spirit 220g View Organic Juice Goji berry-Orange Goji Spirit 200ml View Organic Spread Goji berry-Orange -Basil with Agave Goji Spirit 240g View Organic Chutney Goji berry-Orange -Beetroot -Chili Goji Spirit 220g View Organic Pickle Goji berry Goji Spirit 100ml View Organic Dressing Goji berry- Mountain Tea -Anise Goji Spirit 250ml View Organic Sauce Goji berry Tomato with Oregano Goji Spirit 200g View Organic Juice Goji berry-Apple Goji Spirit 200ml View Organic Spread Goji berry- Apple- Cinnamon with Agave Goji Spirit 240g View

  • Philomelia

    < Back Philomelia Everything started as a game, when I was just 16 years old (2011). I was amazed by the bee world. Creating a bee colony and monitoring how this world grows and survives, was something truly spectacular. Without a beekeeping history running in our family, I had to learn the old-fashioned way. This meant helping former, experienced beekeepers. In this way, I was able to closely observe the process of integrated production and I was once more fascinated by the process of beekeeping. I was also able to realize how to create a product from scratch, and, even more, the way I can achieve this, in collaboration with nature! Later on, in my 20s (2015) , I decided that this should be my main occupation. In order to achieve this, I attended a series of courses and seminars on beekeeping, offered by the Beekeeping Laboratory of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, along with my studies in Agricultural Technology. After 9 years of commitment and having the necessary expertise in the field, our team manages to produce honey in sufficient quantity and always driven by excellent quality. Our need for evolution and our external thoughts resulted in the creation of a new brand, which goes by the name of “Philomelia” (2020) . A brand that from the very first moment was welcomed and embraced by the local community and was also distinguished in an international, acknowledged, tasting competition conducted in England (Great Taste Awards). At the same time, we are currently constructing our new honey packing plant, which will complete our journey of production. From day one till today, everything has fitted together perfectly. In slow, but steady steps we walk our way into our dreams and look towards the future with great optimism. Certifications Products Oak Honey Philomelia 460g View Oak Honey Philomelia 940g View Pine Honey Philomelia 460g View Pine Honey Philomelia 940g View

  • Oleosophia

    < Back Oleosophia OLEOSOPHIA is a family brand and the result of a love story between two young people. As a family, we cultivate the Manaki variety across an olive grove of 4000 trees in our village Kalentzi, Corinth, approximately 100km from Athens. The Manaki variety is characteristic of the area of Corinth and Argolis, making it a local, unique and delicate variety used for the production of fine extra virgin olive. It has a soft and smooth profile, rich aroma, discreet bitterness and a medium pungency - a sensory profile that makes it well received amongst consumers. We produce OLEOSOPHIA First Harvest monovarietal from 100% green manaki olives with a Health Claim certification and OLYMPIA AWARD 2020 for its phenolic content and OLEOSOPHIA Premium Manaki Blend. Our certified Olive Oil Sommelier supports and educates consumers and guides people into the secrets and aromas of extra virgin olive oil, offering a well rounded collaboration. Certifications Products Exfoliating Touch - Soap Olive & Rosemary Natural Handmade Olive Oil 120g View Nourishing Moments - Soap Honey & Thyme Natural Handmade Olive Oil 120g View Simplicity - Pure & Neutral Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soap Oleosophia 120g View