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ManaGi’s team just concluded their first complete attendance at FoodExpo Greece 2018 on 10-12 of March crowned with absolute success.

Following our dynamic participation at the 5th Expotrof and just four months after our official launch at Chamber of Commerce of Ileia, ManaGi’s team attended the largest food and drink exhibition in South East Europe, FoodExpo Greece. Our impressive stand was visited by a number of producers from all over Greece as well as dozens of buyers of the products of ManaGi’s associates both from international and domestic markets.

Our contacts included buyers from Germany,Canada,Finland,Austria,U.S.A,United Arab Emirates, as well as buyers from Slovakia and Colombia. All our international and local buyers were greatly interested both in our presented products and in our automated services provided in www.managi.eu regarding the transportation and shipping of products, thereby proving the international outreach of our project.

The projection and promotion of their products were sincerely congratulated by our associates.

Our attendance at FoodExpo Greece 2018 confirmed that there is a great need of promoting the greek primary sector in international markets. ManaGi’s team rose up to the occasion and managed to deliver an excellent attendance,creating the appropriate conditions for all producers to devote themselves to their crops by wholy undertaking the projection, promotion and shipping of their products all over the world.

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