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Passion Honey

Passion Honey

Passion honey is a Greek family business that loves nature and quality of life.

Thanks to the advantageous location of our beekeping apiary, the mountainous area of Cholomontas in Chalkidiki, where 212,480 acres are protected and designated as a Special Protection Zone according to the NATURA 2000 wildlife shelter, we were inspired by the beauty of nature and we dealt with one of its most important gifts, bees and honey.

The lush mountain of Cholomontas is covered with chestnuts, marshmallows, oak trees, pines, firs and more than 1000 varieties of aromatic plants and herbs, all these are important and beneficial to human kind. With care and respect for the environment, we share with you honey, its properties and the benefits it offers with its derived products.

With this philosophy we have managed to make our products as natural can be with high nutritional value & quality. We like innovation and adapt to today's knowledge, with our grandmother's old prescriptions for herbs, honey, tips.

We recommend new products such as melenda, honey with cocoa or nuts, propolis in oil and oximeli, according to the traditional recipe of the ancient Greeks.

Do not forget: The gods fed with nectar!!!


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