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Organic Beez

Organic Beez

Bees and honey are companions in life to the family of Organic Beez.
Generations were raised observing the world of bees, carrying about them, enjoying the fruits of each year’s efforts.

We collect the Organic Beez honey from our hives in our land where thyme plants far outnumber all others. The blooming period in Syros is short, the honey is unique. Every year, the weather governs and thus determines considerably the percentage of pollen, the hue of honey, the aroma and flavor.

We make our honey respecting the ecosystem of our island and the seasonal cycles of nature. We are constantly being informed about ecological beekeeping practices, we export our honey directly with non-heat treatment and bottle it in our beekeeping facilities keeping all hygiene rules. This results in the thyme Organic Beez with its unique aroma and full taste, as well as its valuable healing and nutritional properties.