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OLEOSOPHIA is a family brand and the result of a love story between two young people.

As a family, we cultivate the Manaki variety across an olive grove of 4000 trees in our village Kalentzi, Corinth, approximately 100km from Athens. The Manaki variety is characteristic of the area of Corinth and Argolis, making it a local, unique and delicate variety used for the production of fine extra virgin olive. It has a soft and smooth profile, rich aroma, discreet bitterness and a medium pungency - a sensory profile that makes it well received amongst consumers.

We produce OLEOSOPHIA First Harvest monovarietal from 100% green manaki olives with a Health Claim certification and OLYMPIA AWARD 2020 for its phenolic content and OLEOSOPHIA Premium Manaki Blend.

Our certified Olive Oil Sommelier supports and educates consumers and guides people into the secrets and aromas of extra virgin olive oil, offering a well rounded collaboration.