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NIOÉLIA is an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) of the Koroneiki variety, rich in phenols. Its name comes from the amalgamation of the words "NIO" and "ÉLIA". "NIO", in the local dialect of Zakynthos where we come from, means the new olive oil every year, while "HELIA" refers to the centuries-old, blessed tree that offers us its wonderful juice, the olive oil. "NIO oil" is an expression that accompanies us from our childhood. When we saw our parents and grandparents, at the beginning of October, preparing for the new olive oil season by making wooden poles and ladders, at the same time preparing the crates, sieves, nets and oilcloths. Then, we looked forward to tasting the “NIO” along with freshly baked bread as it flowed from the separator to the mill. To feel that characteristic bitterness in the throat, where we now know it is due to the high concentration of phenols. So we invite you to get to know NIOÉLIA, a handmade olive oil of superior quality, produced for over a century with a lot of love and care for you.


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