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Lezi Olive Oil Organic Product

Lezi Olive Oil Organic Product

Near ancient Messini, a journey from the soil to the soul begins.

At the foot of Ithomi Mountain, on step away from Ancient Messini, there is one small picturesque village called Lezi, also known nowadays as Lambena.

It is very easy to be enchanted by its stone architecture, its spectacular view or its countless olive groves that surround it. Theodoropoulos family would not imagine anything else but to name their exquisite olive oil, Lezi.

The whole journey started on their first olive grove in the area of Lambena around 1947 by grandfather Thanasis. He took care of his olive trees with his bare hands and a lot of love and care. A decisive role in the conversation and extension of the olive trees groves was played by the youngest son of the family, Fotis, who is one of the first farmers from Messinia who joined the program of organic farming. Continuing the tradition, Thanasis Theodoropoulos, who represents the third generation of the family, with more than 1,500 olive oil trees has one of the finest organic quality of oil production.

Exclusively from family’s olive groves that have been passed down from generation to generation.


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