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Lavandia is a small family business based in Levadia and estates at the foot of Mount Parnassus. We have carefully selected and cultivated organic olive trees and aromatic plants, from which we create pure natural food and care products. We personally deal with every stage of production, from the cultivation of trees and plants to the final packaging, to ensure the sustainability of our land and the superior quality of our products.

Our goal is to provide each of our customers with pure products using traditional cultivation and production methods that respect nature and make the final product excellent.

We are always present and actively participate in the work in the field, in the harvesting, in the sorting, in the drying, in the distillation and of course in their final packaging. We strictly follow the principles of environmental protection and the least possible interference in the cultivation. We take care of our plants and trees with love and respect all year round and they repay it with their high-quality products. We always choose the best materials to surround our unique products and we address not to ordinary consumers but to people who care and appreciate quality.

Lavandia cultivates and produces in accordance with Greek and European legislation for the cultivation and production of organic products, receiving certifications from approved domestic and international bodies.


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