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Kallistefi Olive Gems

Kallistefi Olive Gems

Kallistefi Olive Gems® was created through our passion for excellent healthy food products. The history of Greece in the cultivation of olives dates back many millennia. The culture of an entire people is inextricably bonded to their “sacred tree”. These inspired us. After all, we walk on the same soil as Homer, Plato and Hippocrates did. So, we had no choice!

The doctrine of choice, is our application of ancient Greek wisdom “quality over quantity”. That is why we invested in mastering the “know how” and the skill of olive oil tasting. That's how we can guarantee that we choose among numerous excellent olive oils, the best for our bottle.

Our vision is to enhance the range of success of the bigger and smaller chefs in the world. Their mission is quite complex: creating unforgettable memories through culinary delights. It all depends on the choice of ingredients. We make it easier.