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Inoni Greek Organic Herbs

Inoni Greek Organic Herbs

Inoni was a mountain nymph of the Greek mythology, which had received from god Apollo the unique gift to cure human wounds and heal them by the use of herbs. During the Trojan War, Inoni refused to cure Paris, as he had left her for Helen, resulting his death.

All of us in Inoni Greek Organic Herbs team grow our herbs on our own with love, passion and mindfulness providing your table with the aromas and the special flavors of the Greek nature. Our herbs keep their authenticity, quality characteristics and healing properties intact just the way we find them in their natural environment.

We chose Monopigado (30 km from the city of Thessaloniki) as an ideal location combining the appropriate altitude with a particularly favorable microclimate, as shown by soil analyzes and surveys related to the adaptability of aromatic plants to specific conditions, to successfully grow our crops. The planting material we chose is organic and was produced by a certified nursery.