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Greek Pony Farm

Greek Pony Farm

The family company «Greek Pony Farm» is located at Kyparissia, Messinia (Peloponnese), the center of a real Greek agricultural «paradise». This farm belongs to Nikolakopoulos Family. It is a blessed area where the Greek land generously offers its unique fruits from antiquity to present.

Our farm was named «Greek Pony Farm» for a very important reason: the emblematic herd of the restless ponies that live free and grow in our lands and our olive groves! Our ponies apart from composing the largest population of animals in our farm (which includes deers, horses, and cows that live and participate in our little ecosystem) play a very important and decisive role in the smooth functioning of the farm and the cultivation of trees in an original, natural, creative, perhaps unique way in the whole world. Our four generation family tradition is present in all the olive groves and the lands of the farm.

The personal care of every detail begins from the crops and the infrastructure and is concluded to the production and standardization of all products. For the Nikolakopoulos family, the Farm is a way of life. And this is obvious in every drop of the organic extra virgin olive oil, in each selected olive, in each fruit that bears the signature «Greek Pony Farm»!