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Andreas and Emmanuel treat their family owned olive groves of the ancient Cretan variety called Tsounati, as small gardens, and they get in return not only the olive fruits but also snails (a known Cretan delicacy), wild asparagus and herbs, native caper etc.

Strict cultivation and production methods that are practically impossible to apply in large-scale production are the secret behind their exceptional extra virgin olive oil which is a worthy representative of the cultural and gastronomic wealth of Crete.

EFKRATO is an organic limited production extra virgin olive oil awarded both for its richness in polyphenols (Health Claim - EU regulation 432/2012) and its organoleptic characteristics that include aromas of green fruits, artichokes, freshly cut grass, cinnamon, almonds etc harmoniously combined with the characteristic bitterness and pungency of an early harvest olive oil and a long "aftertaste".


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