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Aulida or Aulis in ancient Greek is a small city located in Euboea which according to the myth was the place to which Agamemnon's fleet set sail for Troy. ‘Favourable wind’ blew for a second time and created the “Aulis” company.

Aulis is a family owned company in the production and standardization of EVOO. Founded by Konstantinos Tasias and Marina Κorlou, two individuals which share the love for a healthy diet based upon the value and wisdom of tradition and the goods that their land generously offers, such as olives and olive oil.

Initially started as a hobby, the constant pursuit for products of high quality and high nutritional value has now become a full time job.

As a result, they both now live and work in Aulida or otherwise “Aulis” and through the sacred deer of the goddess of hunting & vegetation ‘Artemis’ they lead their customers to the famous “path to Greek taste”.