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Amfora Icons

Amfora Icons

We created the A-Mfo-Ra I-Cons Mountain, a rare extra-virgin olive oil with a specific character from Mount Othrys, the mountain of Titans.

Every single drop is produced with persistence and care. It is a result of hard work and of green harvesting of the fresh olive juice, filled with concentrated flavours. In return, it rewards with a splendid olive oil containing flavours from the freshly-cut and pressed olives, of an emerald gold green colour, of a rich texture and unique taste that transcends time, intact from ancient Greece until today. All these are mere indications about its unusually high content in polyphenols, a fact that makes olive oil so beneficial for our health. A-mfo-ra I-cons is a recently established Greek company that was started by some passionate individuals.

With the extra virgin oil produced in the ancient region of East Fthiotida, a common vision inspired us: To create award-winning culinary and healthy products and to engage you in an unforgettable culinary experience with an ancient Greek character.