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Embrace the potency of nature into your everyday life.

Aetheleon is a certified organic family herb farm, producing high quality essential oils and botanicals. Our products bring balance in modern lives and enhance wellbeing through nature’s invigorating energy.
Origin & purity
Farming emerged out of our need to take control of what we use for our personal wellness and skincare. We are personally involved in each production step, with attention to detail, from planting to packaging, ensuring transparency and exceptional quality.

Tradition & Science
We honor traditional wisdom on the therapeutic value of herbs and we support modern scientific research that explores it.

Sustainability & environmental impact
All farming practices are done by hand or light hand tools to assist nature in providing us with its best, without fertilizers and pesticides.
We pay special attention to the attributes of the packaging materials and their reuse/recycling potential.

Regenerative agriculture - Agroecology
Feeling part of nature, we know that our wellbeing is strongly related to the origins of our food and the products we use. We strive to build a balanced, chemical-free, energy efficient, resilient ecosystem, rich in biodiversity, based on living soil and resistant to threats.

2013: We start experimenting in growing herbs on a small family land to produce essential oil.
2014 -2015: We produce our first oregano essential oil with excellent results. We fall in love with Greek oregano.
2016: We establish partnerships with Research Institutes and Universities to study the quality characteristics of our essential oil production, so that we ensure a consistently
high quality.
2017: Our first Greek oregano essential oil produce is available in the market.
2018: We launch our awarded winning organic condiment with extra virgin olive oil flavoured with oregano essential oil, as a suggestion to see our food as our medicine. It receives the World’s Olive Center for Health “Health & Nutrition Award” (2018 & 2022), “Singapore Taste Award” (2019), Gourmet Exhibition “Specialist’s Golden Award” (2021)
2019: 4 hydrosols (oregano, lavender, sage and rosemary) are available in the market.
2020: 3 new essential oils (lavender, sage and rosemary) are available in the market in limited quantities.
2023: We launch our rose hydrosol.


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