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We have created unique product collections for you. In this ManaGi Box you will find:

Original and traditional Greek Products
from our Classic Greek Collection of ManaGi Boxes. Discover high-quality Wine,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spoon sweets, honeycomb, and more made with care and
love by top Natural Greek Food Producers. Ideal for gifts and the perfect
introduction to high-quality traditional Greek products. Always in eco-friendly
packaging. Free shipping in Greece. In this ManaGi Box you will find:

● Dragon Slayer Mponovolias Estate 750ml Glass Bottle
● Premium Organic High Polyphenols Telhinia 500ml Glass Bottle
● Apple Chutney Mamellada 230g Glass Jar
● Entopia Deli Balsamic Glaze With Orange 250ml Glass Bottle
● Risotto escargots, mushrooms & turmeric Fereikos 330g Paper Box
● Honeycomb in a Box Alabasinis Family 250g Carton Box
● iNTEA ‘Relax’ Mount Olympus Functional Herbal Tea | capsules InBeverages 11g Paper Box
●  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki Variety Lezi Olive Oil 500ml Glass Bottle
● Rose Petal Spoon Sweet Krina Rosa 410g Glass Jar
● Ambrosia (Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen) Alabasinis Family 400g Glass Jar