Vagias Foods


The involvement of Vagias family in olive oil production and trading dates back to 1928. Since 2005 the company is focusing on the processing and trading of table olives and has demonstrated a remarkable exporting activity in a wide-range of olive products.The company owns contemporary facilities of 5000 m in Atalanti, in Fthiotida region, with state – of – the –art, fully automated machinery and well-trained personnel.

Vagias Foods S.A has implemented ISO 22000 / HACCP, ISO9000, and IFS and has developed effective quality inspection processes to safequard quality at all stages of production. The company‘s competitive advantage is that is located within the famous olive grove of Livanata, which produces probably the most tasteful olives of Kalamata varietyTherefore buying directly from farmers enable Vagias Foods SA:

To control quality at the first stage of the production process
To control prices, since buying from the source implies that there is a return from the savings to our customers.

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