Krina Rosa


Starting with a cultivation of old and rare variety, at the altitudes of the Peloponnese.

With respect to nature in a special soil and climatic environment.

With the origins of a sweet family recipe and a nostalgic story of genuine taste and pure preparation, without additives.

A fragrance of the past that has been grafted and smelled in the present, following all the modern and demanding certification steps.

Always fresh on demand.

In quantities that correspond exclusively to our cultivation.

A secret and special taste imprint that does not fade over time.

An unbeatable choice for the dreamy and demanding taster.

Enjoy it on its own or by creating your own combinations.In various uses of confectionery / ice cream / cocktails.

It completes and determines the value of a perfect fish or meat meal.

Unique and valuable as a gift to fine friends and guests, it will reward you as it resists the oblivion of flavors.

An outcome-gift for human health and well-being rich in trace elements, vitamins C, B, E, K and essential oil.

From our legal laboratory which applies all HACCP standards.

A welcome and a memory for every visitor from the beauties of our homeland that always creates him a nostalgy for return.

A Greek Product / of Greek land.