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Agrόtopos is a model company which produces, processes and standardizes rice and legumes. It is located in the fertile plain of the Prefecture of Serres, near Strimonas river, a perfect area for the cultivation of rice and other crops.

It has been active in this area for over thirty years and it is a fully vertical production unit as it has set up its own producer groups to control the progress of the products from their cultivation to the end product. It has also set up a big network of partners both in Greece and abroad investing in innovation, openness and mainly, in quality.

Throughout its over thirty years operation, Agrόtopos managed to produce excellent products with high standards quality, hygiene and safety by using natural and pure raw materials. Taking into account both the tradition and modern lifestyle and at the same time, aiming at the adoption of a healthy and balanced diet, we created complete series of rise and legume products, our own traditional pasta and ready-made recipes adapted to the new gastronomic trends.

The products of Agrόtopos are all healthy without preservatives, which are prepared and packaged in the modern facilities of the company, always in special packages.

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