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About Us


Who we are

Mana Gi SMPC is the first Greek company that provides a full range of services to the Greek producers functioning as their outsourced wholesale exports department.


Utilizing the business model of cooperative economy, managi achieves economies of scale through the number of its producers partners otherwise unachievable for each producer alone. At the same time our strategy suggests the complete digitalization of all processes, such as working in a cloud environment, issuing digital invoices, going paperless and e-trading.


Managi also represents its producers partners in trade events worldwide splitting the participation costs to all participants thus offering affordable fees for the Greek businesses who suffer from the lack of cash flow. Last but not least we offer an e-shop tool for all our partners giving them the ability to also generate profit from retail sales along with translation, certification and audio-visual material creation services through strategic partnerships.

Business Goals

The company's website,, is the tool created to facilitate the company’s strategic planning and services. It includes all necessary tools and functions that allow the promotion of the products (e-shop for retail, one stop solutions for wholesale, a separate page for each producer that lists their certifications and range of products), as well as marketing efficiency tools that provide instant feedback (customer form, online service chat, automations). Managi software is in fact a full-fledged platform that allows producers to easily upload their products and make them available for sale, while the interested buyers (both national and international, either wholesale or retail) can order the products they are interested in and choose from a wide range of specialties, including dairy products, liquor, honey, oil, natural beauty products and many more.

Management Team

Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals that can sufficiently exploit the available tools and resources to realize the company goals. There also plans on expanding the team through programs that promote the employment of people that belong in specific categories, including people with special needs.



  • 100% handling of exports procedure

  • eshop platform for selling their good globally in six languages easily and fast

  • full consulting services regarding exporting, packaging, localization & more

  • digital growth services

  • + minimization of costs through economies of scale for our producers


  • Customizable Market Research Regarding the Desired Products

  • Full Translation & Localization Services

  • Handling All Certificates for Exporting

  • Immunizes Money Transactions

  • Full Logistics & Shipment Handling Services

  • Custom Clearance Services for Greece


We offer Globally the best products Greece has to offer in competitive prices, fast, securely and with love!

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